Our Goal is to help the Needy

Why Donate to Dev Dham

Once a cow grows old and stop giving milk, their owner disowns them because they are of no use to them. Thousands of such innocent cows are left on the street without a home. Many of these are just aged, injured, or abandoned. Some of these cows fall prey in the hands of butchers. Others are deeply starved and move from one place to another in search of food bearing the brunt of weather. These cows are insulted, canned and even pelted with stones. Some of these even meet with fatal accidents, others groan in pain due to severe injuries waiting for medical attention. The life of these cows become miserable.

Every rupee you donate goes to the community with added value contributed by the untiring work of our volunteers. This is the our promise. Our organization is eager to let you all take a deep dive into the holy, sacred and spiritual way of living. One that has brought changes to lives of many people…regardless of their age, gender or their pre-followed customs.